Software to aid the sports health sector

What is Sports Data?

Data is constantly being gathered across all sectors and in the sports health sector machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are playing more and more a major role.  Data gathered from athletes allows the practitioner to learn from the machine learning/artificial intelligence thereby gaining this knowledge allows decisions to be made which is generally produced in a report. 

What is Health Software?

Many in the sports health sector use the software developed at Kitman Labs which helps to streamline sports analytics.

Athlete data is collected to harness insights/knowledge which in turn helps to learn more and aid with the decision making.

It is understood that Kitman Labs can provide tailormade software to assist users to have an efficient user experience with a functional software platform.

Electronic Report Writing

For report writing many in the sports health sector turn to PDMS software engineers who have developed data software to help improve efficiency and productivity.

For medical records it is understood that three-quarters turn to PDMS to aid in electronic report writing.  For example the English Institute of Sport (EIS).

What is Athlete Management System (AMS)?

Athlete Modelling software is a platform for sports people to use to centralise data and share information.  Software products include CoachMePlus, Kinduct, AthleteMonitoring, Smartabase, AMP, Metrifit, TeamBuildr to name but a few.  

We understand that the British Olympic team use TeamBuildr for example.

New Health Software

The development of new Health Software is underway utilising a unique 3D data model after gaining experience in the survey sector with surveysoftware1st.  This software will give the user a better way to view and analyse sports data all from the unique spinning 3D data model.

To take a look at the survey software developed specifically for the survey sector click on the button below.